Friday, October 17, 2008

Little Blue Tea House.

My daughter Heidi, grandson Liam and myself had a day in Port Macquarie. We stopped over at the Little Blue Tea House to say hi and to partake of the wonderful little goodies on offer there. This is one of our favourite spots! The decor is delightful and the cuisine is fresh and delicous. The management and staff are always super friendly and you feel like you are having a visit with a favourite aunt rather than 'eating out'. With their permission I was able to photograph and add to my blog for all to enjoy.

Anyone visiting Port Macquarie must make this a priority stop.

The Tea House

The Fare

The Decor

The Family

Hi, I am a shabby chic addict! Although,I do find it difficult to keep my thoughts into one order. My home has hints of country, contemporary, etc, and I even have a small corner with a Japanese theme! I intend to encourage my creative side by 'redoing' my house and teaching myself to renovate small pieces and create my own treasures from trash. I thought it might be fun to record my progress on here, so,to start with I have to decide on my first project!