Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Some new little treasures.

Sorry this has been a bit slow in coming but I guess I was a little bit worried at having another go at it. However, with the positive feedback from some wonderful new friends on here.. here I go again.

These are some little treasures I have found recently. Some from opshopping as we call it here in Australia..or thrift shoping to my US friends. The Little burner and white vase, along with the white lace were opshop finds. That gorgeous little chicken was bought for me by Heidi from the Bellingen Markets. Anyone travelling this way should put those markets on their list of must do's..they are just soooo much fun. The lovely tin jug was from my daughter Candice and the lavender from my garden.

After looking at the blogs on here...I feel inspired to do some things that are new for me. Like painitng. Rather than start at the top as one usually wants to... I thought I would maybe start off small and recreate some things I already have lying around here.. so I chose some baskets and a little metal candle handle. Sooooo by my next post I should be able to show you the after shots.

I am also really excited about a new project Candice is doing. She is in the fashion design industry and has created a new line of t-shirts with...da daaaa... pics of me as a teenager on the front of them. How exciting. When she was here last she took home some little black and whites taken when I was about 17 and she has put her label to these t-shirts. Hopefully somewhere in the near future I will be able to see them and post one on here.

a> My daughter Candice and our beautiful Savannah. Isn't she like her mom?