Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Simple Womans Daybook.

For Today...Outside my window... I can see the evening drawing in! The air is crisp with winter settling in. The trees and foliage still green, but the leaves are sparse.. and they look cold.

I am thinking... of new found friends! Of like-minded people that come into your life for a reason or a season. They will play a role.. leave an imprint.
I am thankful for.. The warmth of my bed. The hot water in my shower. The throw rugs that I use constantly, winter foods. My fire place.
From the kitchen.. I want to get back into cooking.. I love to cook.. I love the aromas that fill my kitchen, the warmth of creating foods to share.. I have been an empty nester for too long.
I am wearing... Black pants, black jumper, black and white shirt... dreary!... but I am warm.

I am creating... ideas... plans for winter... plans to knit, cook, create a potted garden, read, my hibernation can be a simple, but fun time.
I am going... to go back to where I have just holidayed, a spot at a beach, a cabin, with beach views.. set high on a hill.

I am reading... some Jodi Picoult books loaned to me by my daughter. Just finished one on the trials of Aspergers (House Rules) and could not put it down. As a counsellor, interested in mental health, I have a profound interest in Aspergers and read as much as I can find about it. I found this book more informative than many resource books on the subject
.I am hearing.. Silence! I love it.
Around the house.. I am content that I am up to date with my housework and in a comfortable place with it. I will start to rearrange soon as I tend to tire of things staying the same for too long.
That's all for my first attempt!
Have a wonderful Wednesday

Thanks to the Simple Woman's Daybook for inviting us to join in


Mariette said...

Dearest Marilyn,

What a story... it makes me almost dreary the way you 'paint' your natural surroundings. Our Goddaughter is on her way back from Queensland, from a one month vacation to your beautiful country. When we go to her wedding in September we now can together relate to the same experiences, even though we were not in Queensland. She went to the wedding of her best friend from the Netherlands who married an Australian. The history repeats itself; her Mom and I got separated by the big Atlantic Ocean when I immigrated and now her best friend too has left... That's life! But it's not the end of it with nowadays communication system. Skype is free from PC to PC and very reasonable if you use a landline. That's how we talk to Mom & Dad in The Netherlands and to all friends and relatives back in Europe.
Wish you a happy weekend and even if winter is knocking at your door; that too will soon pass for yet another spring! I can't believe it's almost June again. Time is going so fast...

Lots of love,


TammyJ said...

Hi Marilyn. What a lovely post. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

A lovely post! :)

Thank you for your lovely comments about my ripple blanket. Here's where I learned how to to do it:

Happy crocheting! xxx

joy said...

Marilyn, Thanks for the post. It sounds like you have some wonderful plans for yourself! Take care and God bless! Love, Joy

Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

Some lovely thoughts on snuggling in. We are heading into summer so things are lighter and cooking will be too. I love fall though, my favorite time of year.

mariondee-designs said...

Hi Marilyn, what a great post! I can really relat to 'daughters putting on layer after layer of makeup' I have an 18 yr old! thanks so much for visiting me today and in answer to your question about the thing hanging on my hallway stand I believe it's what ladies used to wear back in the 1920's around their necks.. it' the fur of a fox! It still has it's legs, sometimes you can find them with the head on too. Hope that didn't distress you. take care, Maryann

♥ Miss Tea said...

sounds perfect to me, warm bed, hot water, knitting and creating while hibernating in winter, baking and cooking in the kitchen, the smell of it must be heavenly, reading a book while wearing something warm with a throw to keep warm, aaah perfect! x susan