Tuesday, March 3, 2009

...More on family and another giveaway

Pop on over and see Sandi for yet another giveaway! She is a wonderful lady and you will enjoy her blog.

Well, we are to start having more of the flooding rain that has been here for so long now. Apparently it will rain for a month here..yikes... we only had mild flooding in our area the last time..but a month...whew.. we might be in trouble.

I love reading that my American friends are so looking forward to Spring. We are just starting into Autumn, but very little sign of it yet. One of the things I have never mentioned too much about on here is that I have a third daughter. I respect her wishes for privacy, but without overstepping the mark, I will just mention that she lives with her new husband not far from Philadephia in the USA. She was married over there last June, and is making her home in a very beautiful setting in Pensylvania. The winters are very unusual for her, and included her first sightings of snow. A lot of Australians have never actually seen snow. She missess our beaches and hot weather, she is such a little beach girl. But I know she is enjoying her stay in her lovely little cottage that she takes great care in decorating. She has her mothers love for decorating as so have all my daughters, although, they all have very different styles.

This is my daughters first home. Just gorgeous! They love this dear little house.

This is in their yard! How lucky are they

My daughter just loves mismatched chairs.. aren't they just the cutest?

I just love this. Her own private little corner.

A little decorative bedside table. How cute.

And of course her house would not be complete without............

her touch of home.


Sue said...

Very lovely home she has...So nice and neat....My DIL is from your part of the world....She now lives in Owatonna Minnesota and has had her fair share of snow....She looks like Nicole Kidman, but shorter....My grandaughter has that beautiful red hair, like her mother.....

Dawn-Hydrangea Home said...

Your daughter's home is very pretty. Thanks so much for participating in my giveaway and good luck!

Rose Haven said...

What a lovely home...and story of your daughter.

Thanks for entering the TEACUP give-away!


Anonymous said...

What and adorable little cottage! She is not that far from me as I am about 3 hrs. north of Philly in NE PA. Our weather here is very changable for sure!
Until later!


What a pretty home your daughter has!! Thanks so much for the visit and you had asked me about the lace on my fireplace, my Mom actually bought that for me at a flea market, it is very old and mine was made for a fireplace so it is one long piece.

~♥~ Monica S said...

Oh MY.. you are so far away from eachother!! How is that?? Must be very expensive to travel that far!

Lovely house and garden!


Anonymous said...

Stop on over... I have a Blog award for you !!

shabbydreaming said...

Your daughter has a Gorgeous little home, looks very warm and cosy!!

Bev said...

It's always nice to have your own space where you can make it your very own and your daughter is very lucky to have that adorable place to play around in. I love the open backyard too.

Sandra~Romantique Inspirations~ said...

Your daughter has a very lovely cottage, her grounds are beautiful too. I bet its tough having your daughter live so far away from you. I honestly don't know how she can cope with the weather, quite a big change.

Jules said...

I just adore your daughters house
how sweet is it,Love your blog too.

Joanne Kennedy said...

What a beautiful home! It's fun to see what the homes look like on the side of the world.

I think it would lovely for you and your daughter to have a tea party with just the two of you. That would make a wonderful memory.


Grace said...

i love the look of that house! frankly, it makes me long for the day when i'll own a home of my own. lovely post. :)

Hill upon Hill said...

She has made a warm, inviting home. What a gift!

arrielle_p said...

They are really lucky to own that house. Wish my home has a yard like that too. :)

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