Saturday, March 14, 2009

Thank You

I would like to say thank you for the comforting messages I recieved yesterday. I just love the warmth of the friends I have made on here. I cannot explain how I felt yesterday when I wrote that post, but I was shocked, disapointed, angry, sad.. a mixture of a lot of emotions. I could not ring out to ask a friend for comfort or to drop over, because all my numbers were in my mobile phone somewhere in a strangers pocket. I was able to ring my daughter and she came to my rescue by ringing the police and her dad, who came by and offered support. Its weird how vulnerable we are when we feel so exposed and its easy to 'freeze' and not be able to do small things like find the number for, and ring, the police (combining the fact that I am unwell at the moment, and that definately didn't help).

My car (I only had if for 5 days) has been located. Police tell me it will be driveable but its not 'my pretty little car' anymore. It was used to smash through a huge set of iron gates so there is extensive damage. It was not a new car when I bought it..but I chose it very carefully and picked one I loved.

My cash I will never see again. The money my children gave me to renovate my kitchen. I have money... but that particular money was a gift.. it was special.. my childrens way of 'contributing' to their mums reno's. Their input into making my home comfortable and a pretty place for me. :(

I did find a set of keys (they were from my workplace, and I work in a tight security section, keeping those keys would have meant huge consiquences for anyone stealing them and they were smart enough to foresee that and throw them down before they left). My personal keys and my huge keyboard were all taken..why the heck would they want my chalkboard???? My two handbags I found emptied and thrown up under my house.. and my purse was found on the backseat of my car... and thankfully my cards were intact so there is a huge job that I dont have to do renewing them all. My phone I will miss. It will take me ages to gather my numbers again..some of them from friends that I contact only occasionally and unless they ring me, I may not be able to get their numbers for ages. Its just all so disconcerting!

Anyway, we are having a beautiful day here today... two lovely friends took me out to a beautiful restaurant for a delicous meal last night, and one of them had a gift for me... a new mobile phone! I came home to find two beautiful bunches of flowers waiting for me... sent by some great friends. Talk about feeling loved and cared about. I have tears in my eyes just writing this.

Have a beautiful day all! Hugs to you all from me. Marilyn xoxo


Out Back said...

I have just read your news. What a terrible stressful situation to be put in especially when you are not well.

My thoughts are with you as you work your way through this.

You are lucky to have such lovely friends to pick you up when you are down.

Take care of yourself,


Eclectic Pink Rose said...

I was just wondering how you were getting along, and noticed you had a post this morning. What a huge blessing your friends and family are there to comfort you. Take care of yourself today and have a peaceful Sunday.
♥ Teresa

Anonymous said...

Hi Sweetie!
Just thinking about you & so glad to see your post. Now is the time to lean on your friends & family. Take care & know we all love you!!
p.s. Here is an extra big hug for you!! OOOOOOOOOO

MelMel said...

Oh dear!
I'm so sorry for you!
Just seen this post.....
Oh you poor little!
Horrid, really nasty ppl who do this kind of thing!

Big hugxxxxx

Marilyn said...

Mel for some reason I cant get into your blog today to thank you for your lovely comments. Know that they are appreciated. Marilyn xoxo

Lucinda Obrien said...

So sorry to hear what you have been through Marilyn.It is hard to comprehend that 'those' kind of people exist.I pray that they will be caught. You are in my thoughts
Lucinda ox

~♥~ Monica S said...

Hi Marilyn!

Have been thinking of you... inspite of them finding your car and the things you found... you still lost alot, and the comfort and security of your home must have taken a blow... I hope you are as tough as you seem.. and sleep tight!?
Good to hear you have caring friends!!! :-)

Have a great week!

ROBIN said...

Oh my gosh, you poor thing...That is just awful. You have wonderful friends, buying you the cell phone. I hope all will be well soon. Robin

Anonymous said...

Hi Marilyn,
Just popping by to check in on you.
What fab friends you have to get you a new phone. Hope that you get all those numbers back asap.
~S~ xxx

Grace said...

i'm so sorry, marilyn! this sort of thing shouldn't happen to anyone, but especially a kind person like you. stay strong!

Tootsie said...

oh girl! I am so glad you got your car back...but you must feel so violated! we are all praying for you!
congrats on the winning of the prize that you posted about! My thoughts are with you1

Sandi@ My Yellow Door said...

Dear Marilyn,
What a terrible situation you've had to deal with! I'm so glad that you had friends and family close by to pitch in and help you. Hope you're feeling better these days. Have you heard yet from your doctor about the op? Anyway I was just thinking about you. Do take care. I'll be praying for you.


Jules said...

oh Marilyn i am behind and just read this you poor poor possum,Same thinng happened to my friend last week but they held her at knifepoint while they stole everything.IM so sorry tyhis happened to you and the fact they stole your chalkboard means
at least they had good taste lol Sending the biggest hugs