Thursday, December 11, 2008


Well, this weekend I am having a birthday party. My birthday is really on december 18but thats too close to Christmas to celebrate birthdays ..soooo.... my daughters are throwing me a bash. I have friends coming from all over... girls I went to school with oh so long ago.. some I have maybe seen once or twice in the past 40 years. How exciting is that!

Look at the beautiful flowers Heidi gave me to brighten up my little house for my visitors. Thank you Heidi!

This beautiful little snowman..and the blue teacup were sent to me by my youngest daughter last year from the USA. She and her wonderful husband will be unable to attend my party but we will have them there in our hearts.

So now I am waiting for family and friends to arrive. This is SO exciting! Expect pics from my party. I am sure there will be plenty!

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Prim2Pink said...

I know exactly what you mean about being to close to Christmas, since mine is on the 19th. Sounds like you will have a very fun party. Happy Birthday!!
I could not imagine Christmas without snow. Sending the kids outside on Xmas day would be fantastic.