Monday, December 8, 2008

Hi all.. Christmas in Australia is very different to the way most of you reading my blog will enjoy your Christmas. Here, its hot, green, we wear the minimum of clothing and footwear.. and the kids just play outside and soak up the good ol summer days. I cannot imagine a cold Christmas! No swimming. No stone fruits. No bbq's in the evenings.
We sit in the cool of the evenings with our candles for what we call Carols by Candlelight. Each little town holds them and the community get together with lots of little acts... much praise... and lots and lots of music. Of course in the cities.. these evenings are much bigger.... with huge choirs and well knows entertainers..but for me... I just like to sit with my family and enjoy our country sing-a-long. There is something about watching the faces of the children with their parents and grandparents.. faces shining... waiting for the moment when Santa arrives with a huge sack and passes out cold drinks, ice-creams and lollies (sweets). Then to hear the sweet voices of the people singing the time worn carols that we all know and love. There is always a feeling of love and joy in the air.. of peace and hope. The feeling of Christmas!

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Carpe Diem said...

Its funny when you write that you cant imagine a cold christmas. I feel the same about warm christmas. I love my cold christmas, lightning lots of candles, heat and flames from the fireplace, snow and darkness...