Monday, December 15, 2008


Wow.. my birthday hasnt even arrived yet..and I have already had two parties. A friend gave a small dinner party last night, in a beautiful restaurant for a dozen close friends. We celebrated a 30th, a 60th, and a 90th. Guess what the major surprise was... ta da.... He organised to have the worlds number one guitarist.. of whom I am a huge fan.. Smokin Joe Robinson, join us for dinner and he bought his Mom Dad and two brothers and sister. Joe lives in my home town. He bought his guitar.. and WOW. He just blows me away!

Here he is with his little brother Adam.. another talented family member. Joe goes back to Nashville in February... he will spend time in New York as well. He is hoping to catch up and spend time with my daughter who is a singer and living in the US. In July he will tour Germany.

Me with Smokin Joe


Prim2Pink said...

Sounds like you are having a MARVELOUS birthday!!
Nashville is a fantastic place for good singing artists. I'm sure Smokin Joe will like it when he goes there. My daughter is currently living near there. She plans on moving up north next summer. We've went uptown to listen to the music a couple of times when we visited her.

I see that you are going to be doing some work on your home. What you been doing? I'm getting ready to get back to work on my kitchen cupboards.

I was thinkin about your warm weather today. We are having a cold front go through. It is soooo cold & windy.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to You!! Always nice to celebrate!! Love your Blog!!
Merry Christmas!!

Sue said...

Happy birthday to you...My daughter in law is from Aussie land and she and her family are such sweet, wonderful people....My son met her on the internet, he flew there, go married and then back here to MN....where it is snowing now...had 4" Thursday night and they expect 8-10" today...We will have a beautiful white Christmas....Loved the wheelbarrow with the petunias...I was born and raised in Texas so know what it is like to have a green warm Christmas....I will take the snow....Merry Christmas to You and Yours.

Mashelly said...

Merry Blessings Marilyn

debi said...

Well happy, happy BD!!! I first wanted to thank you for posting such a sweet comment on my blog...and to let you know that YOU WON today's Yaya Christmas Give Away! So, congrats on a well deserved BD present!

Guess it was just in the stars...since I didn't even know it was your BD!

Email me your shipping address ( so that I can get the angel shipped out via UPS.