Wednesday, April 8, 2009


My wonderful friend Robyn called round with a beautiful gift to pack in my hospital bag. I just love Lavender (would you have guessed?).


Rest is not idleness said...

Hi Marilyn,
thanks for commenting on my blog, I love quince paste too and I agree that it is expensive, I guess because of the time it takes, but doing it in the slow cooker is so easy. I have more than enough quince paste for us, if you would like me to send you some, you would be more than welcome, let me know
take care

Marilyn said...

Thats a most generous offer and I would love some. Thank you so much. I could email you my address. Marilyn

Rest is not idleness said...

Hi Marilyn,
If you look at the About me on my sidebar and click on View my complete profile, it will go to another page and my email address can be clicked on there (under contact on the Left hand side)

Jules said...

If you have to go into hospita; then that lavender is just what you need.My favourite too lavender i have all up my path.

Anonymous said...

Hi Marilyn, thanks for stopping by and checking in on me. We've been on the road and I haven't had a good connection to get back to you. Hope your Easter has been a good one.

Bev said...

I meant to add that I hope your hospital stay is not for a serious reason. Keeping you in my prayers.

~♥~ Monica S said...

LAvender is wonderful!!

Your tree is BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I love the bright yellow flowers.. so fresh!

And what cute card you got.. even with your name on it!

I am sorry I haven't been around much.. I have been so tired from working alot....

Hope you've had a wonderful easter!


~♥~ Monica S said...

Hi Marilyn!

I have an award for you (or more)